Something About Italy -  Girl in Florence

Something About Italy - Girl in Florence

Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Tania Pietracatella


  1. FREE Pasqua Activity Printout for Kids
    18 Apr, 2019
    FREE Pasqua Activity Printout for Kids
    Childrens 'Pasqua" (Easter) Activities Pasqua in Italy is based heavily on religion. In this FREE 4 page printout I created you can read a simple and easy explanation of Easter in Italy to your children and fill in the activities with them. Building your child's Italian vocabulary is a fantastic start for them if they want to learn Italian, and mixing it with learning about some of the Italian culture and traditions is a perfect combination. Does your little one know that the Easter Bunny
  2. Easter Fiadone Recipe
    17 Apr, 2019
    Easter Fiadone Recipe
    Fiadone Cake - Easter Ricotta Cake This morning I woke up really early with the urge to bake a couple of traditional Italian Easter cakes. There's nothing I like more than to rise before the sun and bake while our bambini are still snuggled up in bed asleep. I'm pretty certain they love waking up to the smell of a freshly baked crostata or biscotti too. We love a little 'sweetness' for breakfast in our home. It's one of those 'Italian' things. Our kids aren't too fussed on 'La Pastiera
  3. Olive Conserving
    09 Apr, 2019
    Olive Conserving
    CONSERVARE LE OLIVE    It’s olive picking season! And like every other year I get asked ‘how do you do your olives’? So this year I thought I’d write a short blog and include the recipe. This time each year, we usually have an olive picking day with friends. I’ll make a delicious ragù and some fresh pasta so we can sit and enjoy lunch, a glass of wine and a few laughs together after the job is done. Our wonderful, kind and very healthy 95 year old neighbour Signor Gangemi, who migrated from
  4. Something About Italy - Emiko Davies
    20 Mar, 2019
    Something About Italy - Emiko Davies
    Picture credit Emiko Davies 1)How did you end up in Italy ? The first time I lived in Florence was during my third year of art school; I decided to leave my school in Providence, Rhode Island, for the damp Florentine autumn season – and I fell in love with it. I came back a few years later with an idea just to spend a year there and get it out of my system but I ended up staying and meeting the man who became my husband. It's been 13 years since then! 2) How much of the Italian culture were
  5. La Festa della Donna
    08 Mar, 2019
    La Festa della Donna
    La Festa Della Donna! Pictured : some of the strongest women I know. Family & friends of the heart - location: Farmhouse Italy L-R Silvana, Adriana, Myself, Fausta, Rachel We Italians love a good ‘festa’. For those of you who have lived in Italy, you'll know that the Festa della Donna (International Women’s Day) is celebrated with blooming mimosa flowers that can be found on almost every street corner ready to gift to a wonderful ‘donna’ (woman) in your life. La Festa della Donna is
  6. Something About Italy - An American In Rome
    03 Feb, 2019
    Something About Italy - An American In Rome
    Natalie Kennedy Picture credit - An American in Rome 1) How did you end up in Italy ? I moved to Rome for graduate school. I did my master’s degree in economics (with a focus on international policy) at an Italian university. That led to an internship and eventually a job. Though, a few weeks after I arrived, I also met the man I would later marry – so there were many reasons to stay. 2) How much of the Italian culture were you familiar with before you moved there? Oh god. I wish I could say
  7. Natale in Italia (Christmas in Italy)
    01 Dec, 2018
    Natale in Italia (Christmas in Italy)
    Italian Christmas Traditions This week I have been asking my students if they are familiar with some of Italy’s Christmas traditions. Surprisingly the majority said they aren't, so for our last week of Italian language classes we will be reading about Italian Christmas traditions while we enjoy a sip of caffe` or limoncello with a little bit of traditional Italian Christmas cake ‘il Pandoro.’ Excuse the lack of photo's in this’s a little hard to find any when the last Christmas you
  8. Ciambella allo yoghurt, datteri e noci
    25 Nov, 2018
    Ciambella allo yoghurt, datteri e noci
    Ciambella allo yoghurt, datteri e noci I often wake early in the morning and love to bake when it's quiet and the kids are still asleep. I usually always make the same Ciambella al Limone, which the family love for 'la colazione' (breakfast), unless there is something in the fridge like ricotta, cream or yoghurt that may be close to it's use by date. If so, then I'll usually use 'un po` di fantasia' (a little imagination) and add something different to the ciambella. I hate waste, and this is
  9. The word 'Molto' & it's different endings
    23 Nov, 2018
    The word 'Molto' & it's different endings
    When do we change the ending of the word 'Molto' in Italian...    This week in one of our Italian language classes, we stumbled on the word 'Molto' with a different ending, which led to the question of 'why' and 'when' does the word change. So I decided to write a quick blog about it... Wouldn’t it be great and much easier if the endings of Italian words were all the same?! But if they were, then the saying ‘la dolce lingua’ would no longer be. The sweet sound of the Italian language is partly